Thursday, July 7, 2011

SUN by Mahshid Alishahi

I really love this color of the sun .Isn't it beautiful .Can you make scrambled like this?

Sun of Hamedan-Iran


ali said...

بالاخره از هفت خوان رستم رد شدیم ونظرمون رو نوشتیم.این اداره نامرد ما کلا بلاگر رو بسته ونمی تونم تو اداره چک کنم.

Saeid said...

ممنون علی آقا خیلی لطف کردید اومدی وبلاگ رو بازدید کردیدو کامنت برام گذاشتی راستش بعد از یه دوره سخت کاری که همه روزهای هفته حتی جمعه تا ساعت 11 شب مجبور به کار بودم این روز اخر که داشتم زود میرفتم خونه ای میلم رو که چک کردم کامنت شما خستگی را از تنم در اورد باز هم ممنون

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

How appalling that your photos have gone missing. Thanks for letting me know there is this problem.

Are your pictures on Picassa? I'm wondering if the problem is that a Picassa album has been deleted - that would make all your pictures on your blog disappear if that is their source.

Or do you upload them from somewhere else?

I do hope you are able to retrieve them. Do you have them backed-up elsewhere? If so, that is good . . . but for photos to vanish from a photographic blog - that is really serious and must be very distressing, whether you have the photos safe separately or not!

Best wishes


Saeid said...

I upload my picture through blogger which should be in Picasso sources unfortunately I never backup my posts any where I thought it is safe but it wasn't safe and my pictures has never retrieved yet.
Thanks for your comment

orvokki said...

I am really sorry for your lost beautifull pictures
It is a big accident. Oh well, big and big, but a big here in blog world.

Thank you for your comment to my blog.

Borna said...

really nice sunset!

Saeid said...

Borna thank you very much.