Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rail Way

Rail way-Mehrshahr-Karaj-IranAdd caption


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Really like these images Saeid, and they work so well in monochrome.

Saeid said...


CSJ said...

Mi piace!!!

Saeid said...

grazie il mio amico

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Saeid. Thanks for your question on my blog - about whether I 'want to show the decay which is surrounded in our life'.

I found myself replying at length so, in case you do not have comments forwarded to you, I am putting it here too. I would be interested in your response. Best wishes.


This is the reply:-

Hello Saeid. Not in the least. The intention of this blog (in so far as it has one) is to show beauty and interest in the detail of ordinary life; how many shapes and colours can go un-noticed unless we separate them briefly from their wider context Photography makes this possible.

Having looked through some of your photos, I would think we have quite a lot in common in this. Your railway lines, roads and subway arch draw attention to beauty and geometry in the utilitarian, in human made environments. Your picture with the bent grass shows how nature itself provides pattern and framing and form. The bales in the field show how ordinary work throws up scenes which an artist would strive to arrange - and the hut in the distance . . . decay? No! A sense of age? Maybe.

This pole is an old one. It is part of local history. (I think it is through this that gases from reclaimed marshland are released so they don't explode under the houses built here!) It is interesting in its own right. Age and rust enhance it. There is old string round a lampost not far away too. I don't know whether notices or balloons were once tied there - but whenever it was, it was a long time ago and the string is a tantalising remainder. And it reminds us of what we don't know! The moldering of the string, to me, shows how things can be left undisturbed and I like that. People are sometimes so driven to tidy everything in sight, the world around us ends up sterile and boring. The colours and edges of the string may be more interesting than when they were new, they are certainly different! This string shows both fragility and durability. And the rust, the flaking paint . . . if something isn't done about them, the pole will eventually fall to bits but, for as long as they are there, are they not beautiful? They may be signs of neglect and decay but they do not speak of it.

As on your blog, there is a mixture of urban and rural, human-made and natural. Some plants shown here are ones many people would approve of as 'wild flowers'. Others they would count as 'weeds' - but I celebrate life that springs by chance . . . un-announced, un-tended, often un-wanted but life, none the less . . . always interesting, often beautiful, generally under-valued.

Sorry to reply at this length but your question set me thinking.


P.S. To Every one.

Saeid's blog is 1001 Nights and is well worth a visit. If you do not know it already, here is the link


Saeid said...

Lucy for me your comment was not lengthy but it was meaning full specially two parts of it
"I celebrate life that springs by chance . . . un-announced, un-tended, often un-wanted but life, none the less . . . always interesting, often beautiful, "

and secondly the story behind the string .

My prejudice about decay may be return to my mood generally every one interpret the world to it's ideology of life .For me at the moment the boring aspect of the life is much more colorful.I mean I should scape from this Stagnant routine but finally I believe in your theory about today morning might be much more wonderful as we expect.thanks for visiting my blog

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Saeid, your perspective is stunning and is brought to life in b/w. The angles and texture are very pleasing.