Friday, June 3, 2011

with the Smell of Pennyroyal

That was late May 2009 I returned home after a tedious work.I was completely exhausted on that Wednesday evening .Suddenly my mobile started to ring .It is my university friend and ask me would you accompany us in two days tripe to North  I couldn't reject the idea I call my manager and take a 1 days leave (like sickies).The next Thursday day morning  we were in road .first we ate a omelet  for break fast and then we bought Rib roast for grilling on char coal for  the nights. A night with the voice of bear and hog. It was a friday morning we climbed to the top of village Vila and I took this picture  when I returned, near the narrow creek I smelled penny royal I could not resist I started picking them up and then mix it with Dough(kind of beverage which is mixture of water , yoghurt and salt ) and then drink it with roast chicken
.Lovely weekend isn't it.

Savad Kooh-north of Iran

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